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Everton vs West Ham


Marco Silva has labelled this weekend’s clash against West Ham as a ‘must win game’ as he attempts to kick-start Everton’s slow start to the campaign.
The Blues are on a torrid run of form, in their last four league outings they haven’t picked up a single point and find themselves in the relegation zone after eight fixtures.

Tragedy and Farce


“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce”
No crisis is ever anticipated. No club expects a manager to struggle or fail in their job. Yet worryingly for Everton the difficulties they face run the risk of going beyond the remit of just the manager. Deeper and more difficult questions begin to rear their heads.

The Panderer


I’m not a writer, every now and then the mood strikes and for some reason I like to write my thoughts about Everton. When I write it’s purely my opinion, quite emotional and tends to focus on one particular issue.
When I submit a piece of work there’s a few objectives for me: I hope people understand it, I hope they enjoy it and I hope most agree with the theme.

Are we really that good?


I don’t know if this opinion piece is a rant, an epiphany or both but before I start, I don’t want the title misleading people. So, pitchforks down lads, I’m not suggesting we deserve to be in the bottom three because we certainly don’t.

Fan Influence


The start of the season has been tragic. The team have under performed. We have under performed. Yes, we the fans. You, me, the whole fucking load of us.
Already many of us are eyeing up the next man to disappoint us but I’d like to offer a different option.
The end of last season, the same team that let us down too often, gets backed rabidly for the last 12 games and picks up some of the most satisfying wins and performances we’ve seen in years.

It’s our fault


We’re in a mess. Surely we can all agree on that it’s pretty obvious? As supporters, we tend to agree on general issues when it comes to Everton, but how to fix the mess seems to divide us.
Continuous glimpses at my phone over the last 48 hours hasn’t delivered the news I’ve been hoping for – Marco Silva has been sacked by Everton Football Club.

Fabian Delph Injured


Fabian Delph has withdrawn from England’s 25-man squad for the upcoming Euro 2020 qualifying double-header with the Czech Republic and Bulgaria due to injury
Delph reportedly picked up hamstring during Saturday’s 1-0 defeat to Burnley and will return to Merseyside to be assessed by Everton’s medical staff.



It was getting late as we were sat up in bed when she said something which really made me stop and think. “No, I don’t want you to fix it for me, I just want you to listen to me”.
For weeks she had been upset with the current situation she found herself in (as anyone sat up with me in bed at night should do) as I had the mini epiphany that I had been approaching it wrong. The softly spoken girl didn’t want me to dive in like a jarg superhero to fix it for her, or tell her how to.

The future of Marco Silva


The future of Marco Silva hangs in the balance, but irresponsibility runs through the club.
When the final whistle went yesterday against Burnley, it felt like a collective ‘this again’ was felt by absolutely everyone. This was supposed to be different. <a data-ail="24381" target="_self" href="https://www.grandoldteam.

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