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Gentleman John


Everton History

The Biography of Johnny Carey by Roy Cavanagh and Carl Abbott
Review by Rob Sawyer

For Evertonians, Johnny Carey is forever associated with his two and a half year tenure as team supremo. The, infamous, circumstances of his dismissal in 1961 have entered football folklore. However, there was so much more to Carey’s life which makes the focus on that taxi ride unjust.

Kissing The Badge, Part 1 – The Name Everton


Everton History

Symbols are important. They convey meanings far greater than just the shape or image, and when a symbol is itself made up of other symbols the complexity is multiplied. Symbols work on different levels and their impact is often about feeling rather than thought. Cynics laugh at players kissing the badge when they score, but they miss the point; the badge is the club in that moment.

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