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Sod ’em


Just after Everton had equalised in January’s FA Cup game, as my elation ebbed and the brief flurry of serotonin that had flooded my brain began to dissipate, natural Blue pessimism reasserted itself. With 20 minutes to go, I nudged the Red who was sat next to me, pointed to the tele and said ‘Van Dijk, header, 83rd minute’.

Misery Liked Company


Misery loves company, as the old saying goes. For Evertonians, the only set of supporters who really used to understand the pain we endured were those who followed Manchester City. For years, our Manc counterparts were fellow travellers. Like us, they had enjoyed their good times (albeit briefer than ours).

The End of The World As We Know It


After what has been one of the most turbulent seasons in recent memory we are now left with a period of serenity on the field. The magic 40 point mark has been hit and the win against Stoke has all but extinguished all fears of relegation.

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